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Using a Computer when you have Low Vision

The following 3 instructions will help aid in setting up a computer to better assist individuals with low vision.  For a full Tutorial follow the links at the bottom of this page.  

Setting up your computer in this manner will help many individuals with low vision.  However, if these the steps have been followed and there is still difficulty there are advanced options. These options include software and other low vision devices.  

If you have any questions please contact info@eyecanada.ca or call (204) 489-9403.  

1. To enlarge text In Internet Explorer-

  • Open Internet Explorer

  • On the View menu, 

  • Point to Text Size
  • Then click the size you want.

2. To Turn On High Contrast-

High Contrast is designed for people who have vision impairment. High contrast colour schemes can make the screen easier to view for some users by heightening screen contrast with alternative colour combinations. Some of the schemes also change font sizes for easier reading.

  • Open Accessibility Options
  • To open Accessibility Options, 
  • click Start
  • click Control Panel, and 
  • click Accessibility Options.
  • click the Display tab, 
  • under High Contrast, select the Use High Contrast check box.


  • If the Use shortcut check box in the Settings for High Contrast dialog box is selected, you can turn High Contrast on or off by pressing the left ALT+left SHIFT+PRINT SCREEN keys (depending on the other settings you have selected in the Accessibility Options dialog box). To open the Settings for High Contrast dialog box, open Accessibility Options, click the Display tab, and then, under High Contrast, click Settings.

3. To Turn On Screen Magnifier-

Magnifier is a display utility that makes the screen more readable for users who have impaired vision. Magnifier creates a separate window that displays a magnified portion of your screen. You can also change the colour scheme of the magnification window for easier visibility. You can move or resize the Magnifier window, or drag it to the edge of the screen and lock it into place. Magnifier is intended to provide a minimum level of functionality for users with slight visual impairments.

  • To open Magnifier, 
  • Click Start
  • Point to All Programs
  • Point to Accessories
  • Point to Accessibility,  
  • Click Magnifier.

When using Magnifier, you can:

  • Change the magnification level
  • Change the size of the magnification window
  • Change the position of the magnification window on your desktop
  • Invert the screen colours


Tutorial Links

For Details on all accessibility options for Microsoft follow this link for full tutorials:

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For Details on all accessibility options for Apple follow this link for full tutorials:

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